Noxgear Lighthound

We’re often asked about the night gear that we use for Toby & Cinder.

For us, we have found the most success with Noxgear’s Lighthound.

Check out my other blog – Noxgear – Tracer360 and Lighthound – for a review of their night gear for humans & dogs.

2017-03-27 23.12.25.jpg


The Stick

Today’s trail adventures took us to Petrifying Springs.

Everything was going great until Cinder decided to stop mid run to chew on a stick.

We compromised . . . I let her bring the stick back to the car & she promised to not chew on it until we were done running.

Snowy Night Run

There are some days where the trails just call no matter the time of day.

Today was one of those days where the pups needed just as much trail time as their human.

After logging 5 miles at Petrifying Springs . . . we went out for 5 more Kenosha miles.

And here’s a little teaser . . . tonight was the night that we received an exciting phone call . . . more details to come in the next few weeks. 😛