Sunday Funday

Yesterday, Cinder & Mick had their first obedience / pre-sports class!

So many positives . . . only a couple of “not so brilliant” moments, but those were more of the fault of one of their humans. 😮

Dogs & tricks have always gone a little hand in hand . . . so what could the harm be of teaching your dogs to “shake” (extend the paw to the hand that is extended) or “high five” (extend the paw & hit target hand that is extended). Well, this human is a bit wiser now . . . apparently once Cinder & Mick weren’t either being rewarded in a timely fashion or having their believed efforts recognized; then those “paws” became new methods of communication. :/

Hey human! Where’s my cookie? Wanna shake? I know shake! Oh, not fond of my left paw . . . well, how about my right one? [repeat]

Hey human! I don’t care that I didn’t give you the trick / behavior that you were wanting . . . I gave you my best tricks to date! *high five* No?! How about a right high five instead? Hey human?! Where’s my cookie? [repeat]

Other than some redirecting of behaviors, both were wonderfully behaved & everyone is looking forward to the next class to see not only how the homework has gone, but to build more on the new behaviors. ❤

Toby even got to go with, but instead of getting to watch the class quietly from his travel kennel, he was relocated to the office while he was telling his tales of sadness & woes. 😦

After class you would have thought that enough energy had been spent with the commotion of going to class (Yay! Car time!) & the new smells & experiences – especially, Mr. Tobers with all of his angst . . . BUT no . . . Alas, the three of them had so much energy left, that a trail run was needed not just so that their humans could go find a log (more about that in a future post), but to help burn off said energy. Thankfully, after hitting the trails – everyone settled in for snuggles & a movie.

From our pack to yours . . . Happy Sunday Funday!

P.S. Before the trail run, Cinder initiated play with Mick & they played chase & tag for a good hour before we went to hit the trails. This is what one happy Mick looks like after all of that play!

2017-04-23 17.36.54