The “Tail” of Two Doggies

Tonight it is raining. 😮

Tonight all two of the three pups decided that they wanted to go out & play in the rain. 😦 [Note: Only two of the three wanted to go out . . . the third dog looked at the other two like they were crazy when they were begging to go out. 😛]

Tonight is the “tail” of two doggies . . .

One dog stepped outside & immediately regretted it.

The other dog stepped outside & practically refused to come back inside.

Can you guess which is which?


Caption This . . .

Here are a few random pics from today that we (the humans) found comical.

Our captions are below the pics . . . what would your captions be for them? Put them in the comments! 😛

2017-04-21 16.20.53

“Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls . . . “

2017-04-21 16.22.21

C:”Oh, did you say bed?”

M:”Not couch?”

2017-04-21 11.42.26

“I am sooooo bored. Why don’t you want to go for a run?”

Time Flies . . .

Two weeks. Two weeks? Two weeks! Today is the official two week anniversary of Mick’s Gotcha Day! In some ways it feels like just yesterday, but in so many other ways it feels like he has been a part of our pack forever.

Adoption Name: Mick

Full Name: McTavish

Nicknames: Micaroon, Mickey, Mickers, Micker Doodle

Gotcha Day: 4/4/2017

Birthday: 8/24/2014

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Movie: Secret Life of Pets

Favorite Things to Do: Adventure hikes in the forest preserves. Long walks on the beach. Spontaneous fun runs with the pack. Training runs with his humans. Joining  in on cuddle puddles with the pack & his humans.

Favorite Things to Eat: Split antlers. Long horns. Hooves. Fluffies. Sweet potato skins. 

Favorite Places to Relax: When not kickin’ back & relaxing in the kitchen, Mick can most commonly be found on big fluffy pillows.

Favorite Toys: Large StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Pet Toy, Large KONG Wobbler Treat Dispensing Dog Toy, OurPets IQ Treat Ball Interactive Food Dispensing Dog Toy

Favorite Gear: Noxgear Lighthound (set to the color red), Red Tartan Collar with his custom Doggie Tag

Mick has been the perfect addition to our pack. He’s sensitive & so very loving. He loves his ears being rubbed & he is always up for spontaneous cuddle puddles! He has bonded with the pack & has started to initiate & respond to play with both Toby & Cinder.

This week Mick will be starting Obedience 2 / Agility training with his sister, Cinder. In addition, he will be attending a Disc / Trick Workshop at the beginning of May.

Check back here for updates & pics on Mick’s adventures!

Two weeks?! Time really does fly when you’re having fun! ❤

Three’s A Party

Please welcome our newest pack member – Mick!

Today has been a very busy day of picking him up, going on a shopping adventure, general health check up with our Veterinarian, & settling in at home.

Look for updates & pics here!

2017-03-31 21.21.03