The Best Running Partner . . .

The best running partner is a furry one!

Both of the humans were adequately worked out today & there is now an ongoing joke that we need to find a marathon that allows dogs so that a BQ might be possible. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Earlier in the day – Cinder & Mick worked on running in semi-tandem. Outside of Cinder trying to switch sides a couple of times everything went better than expected.

8 miles with an 8:10 min / mi average pace . . . in the rain. ๐Ÿพย โคย ๐Ÿพ

Meanwhile, Toby was at home pouting with his other human.

2017-04-19 22.33.55.jpg

So after a long day of reporting & conference calls it was time for their other human to log a few miles.

Now there was some discussion about taking it easy . . . but then they completely killed that plan by running around like absolute crazies. So then as a pack we logged 6 miles of 1:1 intervals AND took a brief break at the dog park to run around in the dark wearing their Noxgear Lighthound vests. [Check out their video on the General Videos page.]

Now you would think that all three pups would be a little tired & winding down.

NOPE. :/

Toys. Zoomies. Bone play. *sigh*

Endurance is a PITA.

2017-04-19 22.42.25.jpg


New Noxgear

I think that the pups are enjoying getting visits from the UPS guy as much as I am now.

Today’s delivery . . . new Noxgear for Mick!

We officially have Lighthounds for each pup!

  • Toby = Blue
  • Cinder = Pink
  • Mick = Red

Now I feel like I have a pack ready for a Tron remake!

2017-04-13 21.11.24

Snowy Night Run

There are some days where the trails just call no matter the time of day.

Today was one of those days where the pups needed just as much trail time as their human.

After logging 5 miles at Petrifying Springs . . . we went out for 5 more Kenosha miles.

And here’s a little teaser . . . tonight was the night that we received an exciting phone call . . . more details to come in the next few weeks. ๐Ÿ˜›