The “Tail” of Two Doggies

Tonight it is raining. 😮

Tonight all two of the three pups decided that they wanted to go out & play in the rain. 😦 [Note: Only two of the three wanted to go out . . . the third dog looked at the other two like they were crazy when they were begging to go out. 😛]

Tonight is the “tail” of two doggies . . .

One dog stepped outside & immediately regretted it.

The other dog stepped outside & practically refused to come back inside.

Can you guess which is which?


Caption This . . .

Here are a few random pics from today that we (the humans) found comical.

Our captions are below the pics . . . what would your captions be for them? Put them in the comments! 😛

2017-04-21 16.20.53

“Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls . . . “

2017-04-21 16.22.21

C:”Oh, did you say bed?”

M:”Not couch?”

2017-04-21 11.42.26

“I am sooooo bored. Why don’t you want to go for a run?”