Kettle Moraine – Nordic Trail System

Today we (the humans) wanted to get out & enjoy the beautiful Wisconsin weather & get some training miles in.

Toby, Cinder, & Mick had the chance to run, work on whistle recall, & just take in the sights & sounds of the trail.

Here are some of the pics from the adventure.

If you are ever in the Southeastern Wisconsin – check out Kettle Moraine State Forest.

Nordic Trail System

NOTE: Do bring tick / mosquito protection – the ticks were out in full force.


RRRs (Run – Rest – Repeat)

Today the pups ran one of their humans at an 8:10 average for 7 miles.

  • Toby – 2 miles
  • Mick – 2.5 miles
  • Cinder – 2.5 miles

You know that they love to join in on the runs when the sight of running clothes or shoes causes pacing to & from the door, excited yipping, & tapping feet.

All of this commotion always has the same results directly after . . . nap time! Just in time for my conference calls. 🙂

New Noxgear

I think that the pups are enjoying getting visits from the UPS guy as much as I am now.

Today’s delivery . . . new Noxgear for Mick!

We officially have Lighthounds for each pup!

  • Toby = Blue
  • Cinder = Pink
  • Mick = Red

Now I feel like I have a pack ready for a Tron remake!

2017-04-13 21.11.24

Three’s A Party

Please welcome our newest pack member – Mick!

Today has been a very busy day of picking him up, going on a shopping adventure, general health check up with our Veterinarian, & settling in at home.

Look for updates & pics here!

2017-03-31 21.21.03

Message Received

We are one step closer to making our fun announcement.

Today, while we were enjoy brunch at Blue Bear (in Racine, WI), we received the message that we have been waiting for just before noon.

There were so many tears, smiles, & hugs.

Stay tuned for the announcement.

Here are a few pics from our recovery breakfast & recovery miles on the Lake Michigan lakefront.